The News

The Road Map

Q4 - 2021

- Launch of Finance website

- Create community on telegram , twitter , discord

- Launch Airdrop

- Co-sign with creators to establish brands.

- Start a marketing campaign and build a social channel

Q1 - 2022

- List on Coinmarketcap, Coingecko.

- Launched NFT marketplace to sell Videos.

- Listing on major cryptocurrency exchanges.

- Allow to use ADT Token for Staking and can Stake with BEP-721

- Launching the NFT 18+ market

Q2 - 2022

- Launching a decentralized livestreaming

- Focus on exploiting the niche markets of the economy 18+

Q3 - 2022

- Multi-chain integration with Layer-2 platforms

- Launching Beta version of Livestream Metaverse

Q4 - 2022

- Launching Alpha version of Livestream Metaverse

*Note: This is our tentative Roadmap, which may be changed in the future in a positive direction to develop the project even more strongly.


LiveStream Metaverse

Use VR glasses to live width your Idol 3D. User can select 3D space by using $ADT to unclock For example: Classroom space, office space, forest hotel,... to watch your idol's lives-tream

Meeting Idols

Use $ADT schedule meetings with your idol in 3D space as you like.

NFT MarketPlace

Buy adult content like videos, music, photos, appointments with NTF Market using $ADT as means of payment.

Liquidity & Reward

Liquidity & Reward $ADT is a Bonus and Penalty Token, which means that $ADT sellers will incur an additional 10% transaction fee, of which 5% will be added to liquidity and 5% will be divided equally among holders.


Use NFT purchased at NFT place to stake to increase ownership of ADT Tokent


ADT smart contract will be audited by Certik and reported in the near future

Token Allocation

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